Diahero Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to help people cope with diabetes by supporting research and development of pain-free automated diabetes management solutions and providing diabetes supplies to those who cannot afford them otherwise.
Diahero Foundation is also dedicated to lowering the cost of diabetes treatment, especially for those with no or insufficient insurance coverage

Diabetes is a growing problem both in the US and worldwide. Per WHO the number of people with diabetes worldwide has grown from 108,000,000 in 1980 to 422,000,000 in 2014 and it continues to grow.

The number of deaths from diabetes also continues to grow. Just the deaths directly attributed to diabetes number 1,500,000 per year (in 2019), with another 2,200,000 annual deaths due to high blood glucose (in 2012, the last year for which the complete data is available).

There was a 5% increase in premature deaths from diabetes in 2000-2016, whereas in contrast the probability of dying from the main noncommunicable diseases has decreased by 18% globally during the same period.

A lot of these premature deaths could have been avoided with proper blood glucose management. Diahero Foundation’s mission is to reduce the number of deaths from diabetes and to allow people with diabetes to have better quality of life.


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Diabetes kills 1,500,000 people worldwide every year. Another 2,200,000 people die from high blood glucose through causes like cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney failure.
Over 400 million people worldwide have diabetes, and for many of them it greatly degrades their quality of life. They have to constantly, daily or several times per day, monitor their blood glucose, either by pricking the finger and drawing boood to test, or through some other means.
They have to plan their entire life around their diet and availability of insulin. Any deviation might mean anything from discomfort to severe pain or fainting, to death. At the same time these people have to make a living, which may interfere with this planning. These are regular people – some of them are highly organized, some are not. Both kinds make mistakes, and mistakes with managing diabetes can lead to immediate and often severe consequences and even death


A lot of deaths and suffering from diabetes and related causes can be avoided with proper blood glucose management. Our mission is to make this blood glucose management available and affordable to as many people as possible. Here are the areas on which we concentrate and why we do it:

Designing more affordable blood glucose management devices and other solutions and making them available to the public. This includes more affordable insulin pumps, blood glucose sensors, and consumables for them; automating the decision process for insulin injections, thus reducing the number of mistakes in administering insulin and reducing or eliminating the bad consequences of forgetting to properly manage blood glucose. After all, life happens.

Spreading awareness of proper blood glucose management and making it easier to do through automated tools. A lot of the problems related to diabetes or high blood glucose can be managed or postponed by a number of years with proper diet, exercise, and a little bit of help in planning all of those.

Reducing the cost of blood glucose management solutions and providing them to those who cannot afford them otherwise. After all, what good is the solution, if you cannot get it?



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